The MPC is comprised of four primary Directors and up to four alternates from each of four community constituent groups:

  • Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce (GMCC)
  • McLean Citizens Association (MCA)
  • Commercial Landowners (CL)
  • Surrounding Citizens Association (SCA)

Directors and alternates serve in a volunteer capacity. Both the GMCC and the MCA appoint their Directors. Commercial Landowners are recruited and approved by other landowners. Surrounding Citizens are recruited by fellow neighbors and require a letter from their Homeowners Association (HOA) President.

Directors serve for a one-year term and may be reappointed for an unlimited number of terms. Alternates act as a replacement when primary Directors are unable to attend a board meeting. Alternates serve for a one-year term and may be reappointed for an unlimited number of terms.

MPC's four officers serve for two years. Responsibility for offices rotates among the four constituent groups. For example, if the GMCC has nominated the sitting secretary, they will next have responsibility for filling the Treasurer seat.

The current officers are:

President: Ann Seaman

Vice-President: Marilee Pierce

Secretary: TBD

Treasurer: Charlie Bunn


MPC Members

McLean Citizens Association


  • Maya Huber
  • Francesa Gutowski
  • Rich Salopek
  • Debbie Matz


  • Roshan Carter
  • Connie Fan

Surrounding Citizens Association


  • Andrew Serafin
  • Winnie Pizzano
  • Craig Bennett
  • Charlie Bunn


  • Mari Pierce
  • Hanlan Pasquier
  • Kathleen Wysocki
  • Brian Berry

McLean Chamber of Commerce


  • Nicole Morrill
  • Ann Seaman
  • Ken Wiseman


  • Molly Peacock
  • Marshall Hyman
  • Alan Edwards
  • Emily Oveissi

Commercial Landowners


  • Ed Murn
  • Mark McFadden